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Mgr. art. Petronella Vlhová
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13th dimension - glass sculpture

13th dimension - glass sculpture
  • 13th dimension - glass sculpture
  • 13th dimension - glass sculpture
Glass sculpture
Painted glass - 10% GOLD
product ID
5,00 kg
Author Petronella Vlhová
Title of the work
13. dimenzia - sklenená plastika / 13. dimenze - skleněná plastika / 13th dimension - glass sculpture
sklo, 10% zlato / glass, 10% gold
Maľované sklo - 10% ZLATO / Malované sklo - 10% ZLATO / Painted glass - 10% GOLD
40x25x25 cm
507.47,- $Price
1 ks
When ordering ≥ 20 pieces you get a 25% discount
Glass sculpture
Painted glass - 10% GOLD

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