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Exhibition - Stained Glass

  • Added: 11.07.2021

Petronela Vlhová has been engaged in the professional processing of glass in its utilitarian and artistic form since 1995. With the originality of his inventive expression, he is one of the most remarkable authors of glass and painting art in Slovakia. He is engaged in the creation of utility and artistic glass, design and interior creation from glass, painting on glass, creation of jewelry and free painting. He actively participates in collective exhibitions of glass and painting in Slovakia and abroad. She has won several domestic and international awards for her works. She currently works as a conservator of glass and ceramics in the Považský Museum.

The whole author's exhibition is accompanied by the central motif of knowing the soul, which is part of the spiritual subtext of each work. "The individual grains of the sand dune in the rhythm of color play reflect the color spectrum of the broad spectrum of the human soul. Through encrypted messages, I convey to art lovers the information that in the structures of the deepest perception of the world, every human soul is unique and with its individuality of being becomes an immediate part of the entire exhibition at the moment it enters it. Through this speech, I address everyone who enters and lets themselves be guided by the endless beauty of individual colors, "adds Petronela Vlhová.

The Farbohra skla exhibition will be open to visitors of Strečno Castle from 2 July to 31 August every day from 9:00 to 17:00.

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Author: Považské Museum in Žilina
PhDr. Magdalena Lackova
marketing worker, speaker

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