Prinášame Svetlo a radosť prostredníctvom umenia. U nás nájdete vždy originálny a jedinečný tovar. Máme široký záber produktov. Ďakujeme za návštevu:-)
We bring Light and joy through art. You will always find original and unique goods with us. We have a wide range of products. Thank you for visiting :-)
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For all traders who want to continue selling our goods, we offer the possibility of wholesale prices. Just register as a COMPANY and we will give you a wholesale discount of 25%. The condition is the collection of at least 20 pieces of products. The order can be from one type of goods or combined from our entire range.

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Mgr. art. Petronella Vlhová
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Astrology, Greek αστρολογία z άστρον (astron) - star and λόγος (logos) - word, in Czech also astronomy, is a traditional hermetic field. It deals with the study of its supposed connections between events in the sky, characterized mainly by the movement of planets, the Sun, the Moon and other elements, and its influence on events on Earth. From this context he deduces influences in various areas of life on Earth. It does so mainly by searching for analogies and explanations of past and ongoing events, anticipating events and happenings in the future, assessing celestial influences on the human psyche and physical body, world events, events, political contexts, etc. An extensive area of astrology is events in the sky and the development of both the individual and the whole human community.

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