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The warranty and complaint conditions stated in the complaint conditions of the seller apply to the purchased goods. Complaint conditions can be found in the tab - Complaints .

1.1 The handling of complaints is governed by the warranty conditions of the specific goods, the Commercial Code and the relevant provisions of the Civil Code and special regulations.

1.2 The warranty period for all goods offered in the seller's online store is 24 months, with the exceptions provided by law. Proof of purchase (attached invoice) is always sufficient to exercise the rights arising from liability for errors (complaints). Submission of proof of purchase for the purpose of a complaint is sufficient even if a warranty card has been issued but the customer has lost it.

1.3 The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear of the item (or its parts) caused by use, mechanical damage to the product caused by the buyer, improper handling of the product, other than specified in the instructions for use, neglect of care and maintenance of the goods, damage to goods goods in violation of the conditions stated in the documentation, general principles, technical standards or safety regulations or other breach of warranty conditions. Defects or damage to the product caused by a natural disaster are also excluded from liability.

1.4 The buyer has the right to complain about the product purchased on sale or at a reduced price, but the error must not be related to the reason why the product was sold at a reduced price!

1.5 The buyer is obliged to deliver the claimed goods clean, mechanically undamaged, with a copy of the invoice, or delivery or warranty card. The buyer is obliged to send a description of the error together with the goods via the Complaints section   (registered user) or in the Complaints Protocol form .

1.6 In the event of a complaint, the seller is not liable for the loss of data, or for damage caused by the loss of data stored in the device. The buyer is obliged to back up the data himself before the complaint.

1.7 Complaints about the goods are handled by the seller without undue delay, but no later than 30 days from the date of delivery of the complaint to the buyer or. transport company. After this period, the consumer has the right to withdraw from the contract or the right to exchange the product for a new product. By handling a justified complaint, the warranty period is extended by the duration of the complaint. If the claim was settled by exchanging the goods for a new one within the statutory warranty period, then the warranty period will start running again from the date of settlement of the claim.


1.8.1 As soon as possible after detecting a product defect, the Buyer shall send this product by registered mail to the Seller's address specified in point 1, together with a copy of the proof of purchase and a complaint protocol describing the product defect.

1.8.2 In a situation where the goods need to be sent to the seller or service center, the buyer acts so that the goods are packed in suitable packaging that will adequately protect the goods, meet the requirements for the transport of fragile goods and mark the shipment with appropriate symbols.

Complaints address: Company
name: PEGLASS ART sro
Postal address: Višňové 62, 013 23, SR

1.9 In the event that the claimed goods were sent by post or transport company, the transport costs associated with sending the complaint to the address of the seller shall be borne by the buyer. Sending the claimed goods back is provided by the seller by post at his own expense. Any other method of transporting the claimed goods back, at the express request of the buyer, the buyer pays.

1.10 Handing over the product to the buyer after repair, replacement or rejection of the complaint, or refund on withdrawal from the contract.

Alternative Dispute Resolution - ADR

1.11 If the buyer is not satisfied with the way in which the seller has handled his complaint or if he believes that the seller has violated his rights, he has the opportunity to turn to the seller for redress. If the seller responds to the request for redress in a negative manner or does not respond to it within 30 days from the date of its dispatch, the buyer has the right to file a motion to initiate an alternative solution to his dispute under the provisions of § 12 of Act no. 391/2015 Coll. on Alternative Dispute Resolution and on Amendments to Certain Laws.

The relevant entity for the alternative resolution of consumer disputes with the seller is, for example, the Slovak Trade Inspection Prievozská 32, 827 99 Bratislava 27, or another relevant authorized legal entity registered in the list of ADR entities maintained by the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic ( the list is available at ); the buyer has the right to choose which of the above-mentioned ADR entities to turn to.

Buyers are entitled to use the online dispute resolution platform ("RSO") to resolve their disputes, in the language of their choice. The buyer can use the RSO platform, available at , to alternatively resolve his dispute The buyer fills in the electronic complaint form when submitting the submission in the RSO platform. The information they submit must be sufficient to identify the relevant ADR entity online. The buyer may attach documents in support of his complaint.

These complaints and warranty conditions are valid from 19.06.2020

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