Prinášame Vám náš nový eshop s pyramídami. Tešíme sa na Vašu návštevu:-)
 Wholesale prices

For all traders who want to continue selling our goods, we offer the possibility of wholesale prices. Just register as a COMPANY and we will give you a wholesale discount of 25%. The condition is the collection of at least 20 pieces of products. The order can be from one type of goods or combined from our entire range.

Exhibition at Strecno - Secrets of LifeExhibition at Strecno - Secrets of Life

Dear friends, we would like to invite you to Strečno Castle for an exhibition of paintings by Zuzana Doktor Zajacová. You are cordially invited. We are looking forward to your visit. The exhibition will last until 16 August 2022.

Paintings by Mária Matúšková

We offer you to buy paintings by Mária Matúšková at great prices. show more...

Payment by card to the Czech Republic - FUNCTIONAL

Dear customers and friends of valuable art and books. From today, you can pay by credit card for your convenience. We look forward to your orders. We thank you.


We produce luxury coats of arms made of glass. We can also produce glass logos for companies and trading companies. Feel free to contact us. show more...

New e-shop offering works of art

We are creating a new e-shop for you focused on the sale of art products, paintings and art accessories.

 From Love to Art
Mgr. art. Petronella Vlhová
From the archive
In our gallery
 Umenie s Láskou
 Citáty od Petry
 Radosť tvoriť

Dear friends of glass and fine arts, our company PEGLASS ART sro strives to bring people Light and Joy through art. In the production of specialized goods, we use the original techniques of glass craftsmanship as a legacy of old glass masters, which is already very rare today, but also very expensive. We also give space to beginning and non-professional artists in our private gallery. 

Realization of works is time and technically demanding. The glass reaches the desired shape when heated to a certain temperature, but it is already the icing on the cake. This is preceded by a long process. "Just as blown glass has its own specifics, so does bent glass have its own typical procedures. The raw glass that is placed in the kiln can be heated and fired to a certain temperature when the firing curve is set. It depends on its thickness. The pitch is important. temperature, the time interval at each temperature and then the temperature drop, ie the cooling of the product.It requires a great deal of practice and life experience.Anyone cannot do it unless they control the laws and parameters that this process requires.

We support creative people by organizing exhibitions with us in our private gallery PEGLASS ART and abroad. We organize workshops, seminars, lectures and courses on topics of artistic focus, in which we also cooperate with other lecturers from us and abroad.

For our most important project, which we are working on intensively, but which is extremely financially demanding, is the construction of a glassworks in Slovakia . Thank you for any financial contribution.

We have a lot of ideas, but without your financial support, many projects would not be possible. 

You can contribute in our transparent account with FIO banka:

I want to support PEGLASS ART with 2 €


I want to support PEGLASS ART with 5 €


I want to support PEGLASS ART with 10 €


I want to support PEGLASS ART with 20 €



You can track donations and withdrawals

on a transparent PEGLASS ART account at Fio Banks .



THANK YOU that you are not indifferent to the decline of glassmaking, but also of fine arts in Slovakia.

THANK YOU we are not alone in this.

The company PEGLASS ART sro is the recipient of gifts according to Act no. 595/2003 Coll. Income Tax Act. The obtained funds are used mainly to finance education in the field of art, development of glass craft according to original techniques based on the legacy of old glass masters, to support beginning and non-professional artists in our private gallery PEGLASS, to organize workshops, seminars, lectures and courses on art topics. Furthermore, we will use your financial support for our long-term plan, which is to build a glassworks in Slovakia, which is an extremely costly affair.

If you are not indifferent to the decline of glass and fine arts in Slovakia, please consider your financial contribution in any amount. Or by entering a regular monthly contribution according to your possibilities. 

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