Prinášame Svetlo a radosť prostredníctvom umenia.
We bring Light and happiness through art.

Petronela Vlhová

A collection of spiritually tuned paintings in the expression of a classical painting combined with glass "On the wings of the soul". I find inspiration in the cycle of nature itself and in the message, which I gratefully receive through it. I use symbolically its material and intangible elements, through the idea of ​​4 basic elements: fire, water, earth and air, the 5th, which is ether. Within the structures, I develop the philosophy of 5 elements, the fusion of 4 elements into One. I connect the spiritual plane with the material plane. I use the principle of the geometry of the Golden Section in my artistic expression and also in the dimension itself. The material world, which can be observed only in daylight or artificial light, and the spiritual world, which can be observed through the spirit. Canvas in a combination of glass and painting with phosphor paint, which leaves its legacy and message even during the night hours, ie darkness. Images in the darkness shine as a reference to the spiritual side of man, which is extremely important for the development of his being and is an integral part of it. The study of oil painting, acrylic painting with phosphor paint, glass, or painting on glass is a symbol of the culmination of spiritual expansion. The paintings can also be realized in a purely glass design, incorporated directly into a specific interior and also in a pre-agreed size only to order.

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