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Exhibition at Strecno - Secrets of LifeExhibition at Strecno - Secrets of Life

Dear friends, we would like to invite you to Strečno Castle for an exhibition of paintings by Zuzana Doktor Zajacová. You are cordially invited. We are looking forward to your visit. The exhibition will last until 16 August 2022.

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Mgr. art. Petronella Vlhová
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Mgr. art. Petronella Vlhová, * 1980, glass artist

"Art needs people around it to exist"

Petronela Vlhová is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava, Department of Glass Art. He specializes in the creation of artistic and utility glass, objects, glass installations, design and interior creation, glass painting and free painting. He considers glass to be a living, dynamic mass that breathes, expands and can change shape. The glass is full of colored light.

The originality of the inventive expression ranks him among the remarkable authors of the youngest generation of glass art in Slovakia. She has been engaged in the professional processing of glass in its utilitarian and artistic form since 1995. During that time, she has created interesting designer solitaires and utilitarian originals.

Its production has an animal, biomorphic, fragmented and variable cellular basis in which life pulsates. He finds inspiration in the very cycle of life. He seeks in it the mutual connections, symbols and connections of two opposites. The tensions between them, which are the source of life of his birth and endless metamorphoses.

He actively participates in collective exhibitions of glass and painting in Slovakia and abroad. She has won several domestic and international awards for her works. In 2008 she won the 1st PRIZE for painting at an international competition in Italy for her work. Since 2013, it has been included in the biographical encyclopedia "Who is who" of important personalities of the Slovak Republic, published by the EU.


"The love that I prefer at all levels of my being is a development and at the same time a mirror of my work. I create glass paintings and design-functional art objects from glass. My works are always dedicated to the person for whom they are created. When creating, I follow my principles and the inner waves that each person radiates, which helps me to create works of art for a particular person.

I also create interiors made of glass, which are dedicated not only to people but also to space.

I consider glass to be a living, dynamic mass that breathes, expands and can change shape. It is full of colored light. Colors are significantly represented in my work. The main manuscript is the principle of light and darkness, which supports the motif of the power of the eternal cycles of nature.

From the beginning of my work, the decisive theme is the constant tension of two opposites, which are the source of energy. Searching for interactions, symbols and confrontations of simplicity and complexity, consciousness and subconsciousness. Art is the language of the soul. "

Symposia, awards, exhibitions

2019: Author's exhibition „13 DIMENSION“, Púchov 2019: Collective exhibition of Púchovské Artformácie 2019, Župný dom Púchov 2019: Author's exhibition, Private Gallery Peglass, Višňové 2019: Collective exhibition of artists of the Trenčín region, MABazovského Gallery, Trenčín 2018: Caffe Gallery, Milet, , Bratislava; 2018: Exhibition of authors of the Žilina Region of the CONT ART group "Wings", Rosenfeld Palace, Žilina; 2018: International Exhibition - ART FEST, Trade Fair Palace, Prague; 2018: Púchovské Artformácie, collective exhibition of Slovak and foreign authors, Púchov; 2018: Traveling exhibition of Slovak artists, Reflections IV., Association of Slovak Art, Lučenec, Turčianske Teplice, Topolčany; 2014: Horizons of the present III. - Exhibition of Artists of the Trenčín Region, MA Bazovského Gallery, Trenčín; 2013: Author's exhibition: Birth of Light, Art Minion, Hotel Majovey, Zilina; 2011: Author's exhibition: Glass - County House, Púchov; 2011: Author's exhibition: Glass - Painting, P. Matejka Gallery, Nové Mesto nad Váhom; 2011: WARNAR Gallery - The Netherlands; 2010 International Glass Exhibition GLASTEC, Dusseldorf, Germany; 2010: Author's exhibition - Glass - Message of Light, MA Bazovského Gallery - Trenčín; 2010: Exhibition of authors, Kysucká gallery, Oščadnica; 2009: Exhibition in the Chamber of Commerce of the Austrian Embassy in Slovakia, Bratislava; 2009: Stanislav Libenský Award, Palace of Cut Glass in Prague; 2009: Student and teacher exhibition SUŠ Trenčín, Prievidza; 2009: Elpida - Exhibition of authors in the Chamber of Commerce of the Austrian Embassy in Slovakia, Bratislava; 2008: Exhibition of authors from the Púchov area, Café “Z”, Púchov; 2008: 7th International Exhibition of Fine Arts ART Incheba, Bratislava; 2008: Author's exhibition: Mandorla,, Bratislava; 2008: Cycle of exhibitions: Follow the steps of E. Suchoň, SVU - Bratislava, House of Arts Piešťany, Pezinok, Slovak National Theater, Bratislava; 2008: Exhibition: Wood, Glass, Metal, Museum of St. Anton; 2008: Symposium of A. Dubček - Exhibition in the National Council of the Slovak Republic, Bratislava; 2008: Talent Exhibition 04-08, Club GX, Bratislava; 2008: Prestigious international competition exhibition “Perla Dell Adriatico” Grotammare, Italy; 2008: International Art Prize: Perla Adrie - 1st place for painting EX AEQUO, Grottammare, Italy; 2007: Horizons of the present III. - Exhibition of Artists of the Trenčín Region, MA Bazovského Gallery, Trenčín; 2007: 6th International Exhibition of Fine Arts ART Incheba, Bratislava; 2007: Painting Symposium, Hotel Tartuf, Beladice; 2007: Collective exhibition of students and graduates to the 40th. anniversary of the founding of the glass studio of the VŠVU in Bratislava, Kysucká gallery, Čadca; 2005: Author's exhibition: Solo for the Soul in the Gallery of Applied Art K.Gallery, Bratislava; 2004: Exhibition of graduates of the Department of Painting of the Glass School SUV in Lednické Rovne, Župný dom, Púchov; 2003: III. International Exhibition UPV SR, House of Culture, Banská Bystrica; 2003: Author's exhibition: Sklo Petra - Župný dom, Púchov; 1999: Exhibition of graduate theses of ŠUV glass graduates in Lednické Rovny, Trenčín Castle - Delová Bašta. Puchov; 1999: Exhibition of graduate theses of ŠUV glass graduates in Lednické Rovny, Trenčín Castle - Delová Bašta. Puchov; 1999: Exhibition of graduate theses of ŠUV glass graduates in Lednické Rovny, Trenčín Castle - Delová Bašta.

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