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Mgr. art. Petronella Vlhová
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  • Added: 18.05.2020

However, Petronella Vlhová would not change this beautiful material, as she calls it, for nothing. "In my opinion, glass can absolutely express what the artist feels inside. It can gently, sensitively and at the same time fully express the idea given to him. It cannot be treated lightly. Glass reflects the approach of the artist to it." says a graduated designer and glass painter. He has been processing glass since he was fifteen years old. "First comes an idea or topic that I express through glass. I'm not in the habit of putting negative feelings and thoughts into the work. It's probably because I get rid of all similar phenomena in the production and work with glass," he says with a smile. 

Petronella Vlhová creates on the border between free art and design. "Of course, I can also make useful things, it depends on the client and the given space. However, a symbolic abstraction is typical for my work. I devote myself to philosophical expression, the theme of the beginning, the beginning of a new life, and the affinity of souls, "he describes his work to us.

Just as an artist needs a pencil, so a glassmaker needs a furnace for his work. Petronella Vlhová decided to invest in a new fusing furnace designed for hatching or shaping glass. Since such a furnace costs a lot of money, a private company decided to support its talent and contribute financially to its purchase. The first to baptize the furnace with their work were therefore the guests and supporters of its art, who visited the kingdom of Petronella Vlhová during the solemn baptism of September. The workshop in Višňov came to life with "ad hoc artists". According to their imagination, they painted glass plates devoured by a hot kiln, so that after a few days, like a machine for miracles, it would come out finished pieces worthy of framing. We also felt it, we had a festive drink with a specially prepared wine from Pete Mikuška and there was a traditional Slovak 40-year-old plum brandy from Miroslav Králik."I am very grateful for the people I met in Žilina, who help and support me. Just like that, from a good heart. Thanks to all friends and acquaintances who in any way participated in the realization of the dream, which became a reality. Especially to my colleague Tibor. To Kočut, who brought me to this place and has the credit for what my new home looks like, " said Petronella, who is originally from Púchov and has only recently settled in a picturesque village near Žilina. Since then, they claim that if there is paradise somewhere on Earth, it is in Višňov.

In a new home with a new furnace, it starts as if from again under its artistic brand PETRA (the article is of an older date - it is currently working under the trademark PEGLASS ART sro ) 

"V peci dokážem vyrobiť predmety už dosť slušnej veľkosti, kedže má rozmer 1x2 metre. Úžasné sú sklenené konferenčné stoly, výplne do dverí, deliace steny, obrazy. Maľba a dekorácia im dodávajú akúsi pridanú hodnotu," vysvetluje a my sa o tom presviedčame u nej doma.

"Realization of works is time and technically demanding. Glass achieves the desired shape when heated to a certain temperature, but it is already the icing on the cake. It is a long process." . The raw glass, which is placed in the furnace, can be heated and fired to a certain temperature by setting a firing curve. It depends on its thickness. It is important to increase the temperature, the time interval at individual temperatures and then the decrease in temperature, ie the cooling of the product. It requires a lot of practice and life experience. Not everyone can do it unless they control the laws and parameters that this process requires, " describes Petronella Vlhová.

Glass is a luxury material. "It is so specific that it also requires a serious clientele that can perceive, understand and accept the artistic statement given in the glass. In order to be able to perceive the depth of the work. Although it is quite exceptional in art globally. We may have a thousand paintings painted, but if there is no soul in the work, it will not appeal. It is probably mutual, "he thinks.

Glass cannot be mass-produced unless it is a cupboard cup. It is a kind of saffron in a colorful garden of art. We are therefore glad that we found this discovery in a small glass workshop in Višňov, in a house with the distinctive name Villa Petra.

Article author: Veronika Cvinčeková

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