Prinášame Svetlo a radosť prostredníctvom umenia.
We bring Light and happiness through art.

Utility glass

The customer sends a photo of the interior, or the exact dimensions of the glass to the door or we can create a design and model of a reduced scale of 1:10 after a personal visit to the space, according to which the owner chooses from the offer and then the work will be realized. An advance of 50% of the total amount of the work is required for these works, unless we agree otherwise.

Each panel or divider is original and is never the same as in the photos.

The photos are for illustration only.

A tailor-made work will be confirmed by a mutual contract - the Contract for the work.

Custom interior:

  • door fillings

  • conference tables

  • interior accessories

  • dividing walls

    • interior
    • Blue vase
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      67.30,- $price
    • Availabilityavailable
    • This beautiful blue vase will make everyone happy :-)
    • interior
    • Vase blue
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      145.33,- $price
    • Availabilityavailable
    • "Glass supremely elevates painting, gives it a fourth dimension, the possibility of infinite depth of view." (Petronella Vlhová)
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